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Amanda Forrest


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About Amanda

Here For You

As a troubled 15-year-old girl, I thought "I want to help people like me". After a brief detour into a nursing degree, I changed lanes and pursued a bachelor in psychology and then a master of social work. I spent almost 20 years as a field-based social worker and supervisor working with a large non-profit community mental health provider. Working as a private practitioner has always been my dream, and I finally took the leap in 2019.

Failures, heartbreaks, breakdowns and mistakes were unavoidable in my life, and they are part of the lives of everyone. On the flipside there was joy, growth, epiphany, and drinking in the beauty that life has given. We are each on our own journey, yet we can support each other along the way. Sometimes the struggle can be an opportunity for healing and growth. I have found this to be true for me and for those I've known personally and professionally.

So many factors, including family history, ethnicity and culture, influence how we arrive where we are. I strive to be cognizant of that while also believing the individual has the right and the power to choose for themselves where they go from here.

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